What is a PD&E Study?

The Overpass Road project is in the PD&E study phase of the FDOT's 5-step highway development process. (See graphic below.) The PD&E study will assist the County and FDOT in determining the location, conceptual design and social, economic and environmental effects of the proposed roadway improvements. During the PD&E study process, feasible alternatives are developed and analyzed for roadway improvement projects. These "Build" alternatives are evaluated based on environmental, engineering and socioeconomic conditions, safety needs and public input. The need for additional right-of-way for stormwater and environmental mitigation is also evaluated during the PD&E study phase. The "No Build" alternative is considered to be a viable alternative and will remain so for the duration of the study. This "No-Build" alternative leaves the existing roadways as they are, with only routine maintenance as required.

If the study results in a "Build" alternative being selected, the project may proceed to the next phase, which is the Project Design phase.